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Meet the Hosts

Image by Tim Mossholder
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Matt Sommerfield

A champion of clean, slapstick & physical comedy, Matt performs at clubs and venues including Zanies (Chicago & Rosemont), The Comedy Vault (Batavia) & Eastville Comedy Club (NYC) to name a few. Matt's Dry Bar Comedy Special, "I Love My Job!" is coming out 2024! Matt is a member of the CCA (Christian Comedian Association). He is an alumni of the American Comedy Institute (NYC) where he has trained with renowned comedy teacher & founder Stephen Rosenfield.

Image by Nick Rickert
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Phil Stokes

Amateur aficionado, enthusiast, hobbyist… Whatever you wanna call it, Phil loves sipping on the whiskeys of North America. He has over 30 unique bottles of bourbon, rye, and corn whiskey acquired over the last 4 years; all meant to be enjoyed with friends and never sold. Phil is a 40-something husband and Dad to three adopted sons. By day, Phil manages a sales territory. By night, he enjoys playing beer-league hockey, coaching rec-league soccer, and playing guitar.

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