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Whiskey Wackiness: Tasting Noah's Mill with John Benedeck

From Episode 012: “Noah's Mill; Chicago Cubs”

Noah's Mill: A Bourbon Adventure Unfolds

Ahoy, whiskey adventurers! Prepare your taste buds for a journey through the rich, robust flavors of Noah's Mill bourbon. Hand-bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky, and boasting a bold 114 proof, this whiskey promises to whisk you away on a spirited escapade. But before we take that first tantalizing sip, let's meet our fearless guide for today's expedition: the one and only John Benedeck!


The Musical Prelude: Introducing John Benedeck

Step into the limelight, John Benedeck, maestro of the keys and master of musical mischief! Known for his enchanting piano performances, John has tickled the ivories at Wrigley Field, serenading Cubs fans with his organ melodies. But today, he's trading in his sheet music for a glass of whiskey as we embark on a harmonious journey through the world of spirits.


Nosing Techniques and Nonsense: Unveiling Whiskey Secrets

As we nosed the Noah's Mill, John regales us with a quirky nosing technique – mouth slightly ajar, akin to a curious squirrel on the hunt for acorns. With John's expert guidance, we dive headfirst into a whirlpool of aromas, from the earthy embrace of oak to the subtle whispers of raisin and coffee. But amidst our olfactory explorations, Matt and Phil can't resist a sprinkle of their signature comedic banter, transforming nosing into a sidesplitting spectacle.


Whiskey Whims: Unraveling John's Bourbon Predilections

Ever wondered what fuels a musical virtuoso's passion for whiskey? John unveils his bourbon preferences, citing its accessibility and affordability as the driving forces behind his love affair with the amber elixir. The conversation spirals into a lighthearted debate on whiskey styles, with Matt and Phil showcasing their eclectic palates amidst fits of laughter and friendly ribbing.


From Ivory Towers to Wrigley Field: John's Musical Odyssey

Let's rewind the tape to John's musical origins, where classical piano training collided with a penchant for improvisation. Trained in the art of ivory tickling from a tender age, John's journey from conservatory dreams to the hallowed grounds of Wrigley Field is a symphony of serendipity and sheer talent.


Trolling Tunes and Crowd Charades: Music at Cubs Games

Picture this: You're the puppet master behind the organ, orchestrating the perfect troll song to ruffle the feathers of opposing players at Cubs games. From cheeky quips to clever chord progressions, our hosts recount their mischievous musical exploits with infectious enthusiasm and a dash of comedic flair.


Comedic Callbacks and Celebrity Capers: Tales from the Trenches

Amidst the roar of the crowd and the flicker of stage lights, our hosts share tales of encounters with sports icons, comedic legends, and everything in between. From chance meetings with Jim Belushi to impromptu serenades for Bob Odenkirk, their stories offer a glimpse into the surreal world of live entertainment.


The Grand Finale: Reflecting on the Ruckus

As the curtain falls on our whiskey-fueled escapade, we raise our glasses to the shared laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories that define the world of live performances. From trolling tunes to impromptu serenades, the journey of live entertainment is a tapestry woven with humor, heart, and the occasional off-key chord.


In Conclusion: Reveling in the Revelry

So here's to the musicians, the comedians, and the whiskey enthusiasts – may your glasses be full, your punchlines be punchy, and your melodies be merry. Until next time, keep sipping, keep laughing, and remember: behind every great performance lies a story waiting to be told.

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