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Whiskey Bits Podcast Episode: A Tipsy Tale of Two Barrels

From Episode 016: “New Riff vs. New Riff”

Pouring Ourselves into the Action


Pre-Tasting Antics:

In this uproarious episode of "Whiskey Bits," hosts Phil and his unsuspecting guest gear up for a whiskey tasting showdown. But first, they ensure they're in tip-top shape—well, as tip-top as one can be before diving into a sea of spirits.


Dramatic Introductions: Barrel to Barrel Combat


The Stage is Set:

The curtain rises as our fearless hosts unveil the contenders: a New Riff single barrel barrel-proof selection from Bub City and a Benny's single barrel barrel-proof pick. It's a showdown of epic proportions, with each bottle ready to battle it out for supremacy.


Tasting Tease: Nose, Swirl, Gargle


Sip and Savor:

With glasses poised and senses tingling, Phil and his guest embark on a whirlwind tour of aromas and flavors. From the subtle scent of pear and cocoa to the bold taste of almond cake and butterscotch, it's a sensory extravaganza that would make even the most refined sommelier jealous.


The Clash of the Tasting Titans


Face-Off Follies:

In a side-splitting display of whiskey wit, our hosts go head-to-head in a tasting showdown. With taste buds at the ready and comedic banter in full swing, they dissect each whiskey, comparing notes and picking favorites like seasoned pros (or just really enthusiastic amateurs).


The Winner Takes All... the Glory


A Toast to Triumph:

After much deliberation (and perhaps a few more sips than strictly necessary), a victor emerges from the boozy battlefield: the Bub City pick reigns supreme! With its robust flavors and balanced profile, it's a clear winner in the eyes (and mouths) of our intrepid tasters.


Parting Pours: Cheers to Good Times


Wrapping Up the Whiskey Shenanigans:

As the tasting session draws to a close, our hosts raise a glass to Matt for his impeccable selection. With spirits high and glasses drained, they bid adieu to another memorable whiskey adventure, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting the next installment of "Whiskey Bits."


Bottoms Up: The Endless Quest for the Perfect Pour


Concluding Quaffs:

In this uproarious episode of "Whiskey Bits," Phil and his guest prove that when it comes to whiskey, there's no shortage of laughter or libations. So join them on their rollicking whiskey journey, where every sip is a punchline and every bottle tells a tale. Cheers to that!

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