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Whiskey and Wholesale Wonders: Evan Williams BiB, Costco Culture, and Comedic Chronicles

From Episode 018: “Evan Williams BiB; Costco”

When Matt and Phil get together on Whiskey Bits, it's not just about sampling fine spirits; it's an adventure that takes us from the enticing food courts of Costco to the complexities of a distinguished bourbon label. In this episode, we poured ourselves a glass of Evan Williams Bottle in Bond (BiB) and took a deep dive into what makes this budget-friendly option stand out in the crowded whiskey market. As we navigated through the rich history of Evan Williams, we touched on the stringent criteria for a whiskey to earn the BiB label, such as the 100-proof strength and a minimum aging process of four years. This journey into the world of whiskey was not only educational but also a sensory experience, discussing the influence of charcoal filtering and grain selection on the final product.

Switching gears, we took a lighthearted stroll through the aisles of Costco, humorously exploring the fervent loyalty of bulk retail giants' members. The episode delved into the cultural shock one might experience when switching from Sam's Club to Costco, as well as the undeniable allure of their food offerings, particularly the classic hot dog combo. Receipt checking, the pastime of sample grazing, and the surprisingly intense debates between the two shopping clubs were among the many anecdotes shared, eliciting both agreement and disbelief from listeners. It's evident that these stores are more than just places to shop; they are communities with their own cultures and traditions.

As we wrapped up, we couldn't help but venture into left-field topics, like modern hygiene and the bidet versus "white trash bidet" debate, which is just our playful term for using baby wipes as an alternative to the traditional bidet. It's these moments of humor and the unexpected pairing of whiskey with everyday experiences that make Whiskey Bits a unique and enjoyable listen. Whether discussing the practicality of bidets or imagining a world where fine whiskey complements not only gourmet meals but also Costco hot dogs, we always circle back to the central theme: the joys of good spirits, good food, and good laughs.

In this episode of Whiskey Bits, we've gone beyond just the tasting notes of Evan Williams BiB.We've painted a picture of a world where the simple pleasures of life—like enjoying a hot dog while browsing the aisles of Costco—are given a touch of sophistication with a neat glass of bourbon. And in the process, we've shared laughs, debated fiercely, and perhaps changed the way you'll think about your next trip to the wholesale club. So, pour yourself a drink, and join us in celebrating the beautiful blend of highbrow and lowbrow that life has to offer. Cheers to that!

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